LAHORE : The Institute for Policy Reforms (IPR) is going to release its report on the upcoming provincial budget of Punjab 2014-15 on Tuesday (today). The noted economist and Managing Director of the IPR, accompanying the Chairman of the Board Humanyun Akhtar Khan, will present the report in a local hotel. It is to be noted that the IPR had also launched a neutral report on the economic survey of Pakistan as well as a report on federal budget of 2014-15.

The IPR report had criticised the federal budget, commenting that the budget was a combination of promise and government’s usual inclination to rely on improbable hope. “More realistically, the budget estimates were meant to satisfy donor expectations, especially the IMF. It will be really challenging for government to meet the targets set in the budget, the report added.” According to report, the federal budget 2014-15, despite the rhetoric, showed little consideration for the ultimate purpose of public finances which was to improve the living standard and quality of life of the people of Pakistan.