KARACHI - MQM Coordination Committee has demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to provide financial help to the family members of martyrs belonging to Pak Army, rangers, ASF and PIA. They also recommended jobs for a son/daughter of the martyrs.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the committee said: “Yesterday, personnel from army, rangers, police, ASF and PIA fought bravely with the terrorists and sacrificed their lives for the nation.” It paid great tributes to the martyred personnel.

Meanwhile, MQM MNAs have expressed deep sorrow over the damaged caused by the fire to the Customs warehouse and offices of the private companies. Goods worth millions of rupees, which were in the customs house for clearance, were burnt to ashes.

MQM MNAs have demanded that the federal government should pay compensation to the businessmen for their loss. They added these businessmen had lost their hard earned savings because of fire.

They expressed sympathies with the businessmen and private companies affected by the fire, saying MQM would not leave them in the time of crisis and raise its voice for them.

They demanded that Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef should take notice of the loss of businessmen and provide compensation to them.