The LPG Distributors Association has called upon the concerned authorities to water down policy for opening LPG auto gas stations for providing cheaper and environment-friendly fuel to consumers.

The association's Chairman Irfan Khokhar talking to APP said the government could not afford for long to provide gas to the CNG sector, thus, he added, the government could promote the LPG as alternate fuel to take effective steps for encouraging opening of LPG auto gas stations, across the country. He said hundreds of applications had been pending with hefty security and inspection amounts before the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) but it was dragging its feet to grant licenses on pretext or the other for opening LPG refilling stations, he added.

According to official source the OGRA issued two licenses for construction of LPG storage and filling plants during July-December 2013.  He said the LPG association would be fully co-operating with the government by presenting workable proposals to resolve issues for promoting LPG to extend immediate relief to consumers who were already faced with high prices of daily-use commodities. He said many investors were making efforts to open LPG auto gas stations, replacing the CNG in order to provide environment-friendly and safe fuel to consumers.

"We have high hopes from government to take effective steps for provision of relief to common people by promoting the LPG and opening its filling stations, across the country," he observed. He said he was also writing a letter to the concerned authorities to ensure stability in fuel prices in holy month of Ramazan and in this regard, he added, the OGRA should constitute committees to strictly monitor price.

Moreover, he said the government was needed to ensure adequate stocks of the LPG through allowing the fuel imports in order to prevent dishonest business elements from raising prices on pretext of LPG shortage in the holy month.

He was of the view the OGRA should play its role by taking action against the unethical forces in the LPG sector, that were extracting money through unjustified raises.

"The LPG is mainly used as burning fuel by the poor people of the remote areas and rising trend in its price would put extra burden on their pockets," he observed.

He dispelled the impression regarding shortage of LPG, saying there was adequate stock available for masses' requirements and any raise in its price would be unfair and unjustified.