KARACHI- Former interior minister Senator Rehman Malik has said today that the Pakistan People's Party will support the government's any step against terrorism.

Talking to journalists, Rehman Malik said “the farce of the dialogue with the Taliban has now come to an end.” He said “operation against terrorists has become a necessity now.”

He also said that all airports across the country were declared federal territory; therefore, putting all the blame on the Sindh government for the Karachi tragedy wasn't fair.

The former interior minister said “the federal government was responsible to ensure security at all airports in the country and as such Karachi airport attack was a failure of the federal government.”

He said spots from where the terrorists entered the airport could have been easily secured, adding that such an attack should be a source of concern for the government.

Rehman Malik demanded of the federal government to take immediate action against the terrorists. "Time has come to act against terrorism," he asserted. Commenting on the US offer for assistance in investigation of the terrorist attack on Karachi airport, the former interior minister said, "We don't want

help in the investigation only, the United States should stop infiltration of terrorists in Pakistan from Afghanistan."