ISLAMABAD- JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said peace talks with Taliban cannot meet success unless establishment is agreed on this count.

“Government is holding no peace talks with the Taliban. Where and through whom the talks are being held with the Taliban. Keeping the media and people abreast of facts about the peace talks with Taliban is responsibility of government. Talks cannot be translated into success story unless establishment gives yes nod,” he said this while taking to journalists outside parliament house today.

Taliban had come to give message during their attack on Karachi airport and they succeeded in it, he said adding security agencies are responsible for attack on airport as providing security is their responsibility, he held. No lesson was learnt from attacks on GHQ, Mehran Airbase, Peshawar airport and Kamra in the past, he underlined.  He regretted that family members of those taking shelter in storage kept on crying for help but the loss of precious lives  occurred due to non provision of timely help to them.