ISLAMABAD - The Core Committee meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to go to the Supreme Court against Acting Chairman National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Imtiaz Tajwar, to stop him from allegedly manipulating election results.

The committee demanded the Supreme Court take immediate notice of the ongoing tampering of ballot bags under the Acting Chairman NADRA Imtiaz Tajwar. The PTI Core Committee meeting, which was held on Monday in the chair of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, expressed serious concern over the alleged bag tampering by NADRA, as reported in the media, between May 22-26 of the ballots of NA 118 of the party candidate Hamid Zaman.

A statement issued by the PTI' Central Secretariat after the meeting says, "The Core Committee has decided to petition the SC immediately to stop the NADRA chief from indulging in his illegal activities."

The statement said that the clandestine tampering with CCTV cameras being turned off has destroyed all credibility of the present NADRA chief. Imtiaz Tajwar is working as additional secretary in the ministry of interior and holds additional charge of acting chairman of the authority.

The meeting showed its fears that this was the reason behind the illegal removal, as Islamabad High Court stated in its verdict, of former chairman NADRA Tariq Malik. A participant of the meeting said that tampering of votes was continuing in NADRA in order to hide rigging as it was being exposed.

The core committee demanded that in the interests of justice, the SC should take action against the NADRA chairman and at the very least should suspend him. The ECP already stands discredited and now NADRA is following suit, it said.

The committee asserted that these developments were totally destroying the credibility of the main electoral bodies that signals the destruction of the credibility of future elections.

 It is therefore incumbent on the SC to arrest this spread of tampering by NADRA and secure the ballot bags from this illegal action by the NADRA chief.  The thumb print verification is also about to commence in NA 154, the committee feared.

Unless the SC takes suo moto action to secure the ballot bags and move against chairman NADRA, democracy will be weakened irreversibly and future elections will be futile, said the statement.

The committee paying homage to martyrs of Karachi airport terrorist incident condemned the government what it said that the government had failed to protect its citizens and critical strategic installations from terrorist attacks. The Core Committee also condemned the TTP for accepting responsibility of the attack. The meeting said it was a complete security and intelligence failure.

The committee also condemned the terrorist attack in Taftan, saying genocide of Shias was continued in Pakistan especially pilgrims (zaireen) in Balochistan. Despite these attacks the government has failed to provide security to the Shia community in general and the pilgrims, in Balochistan in particular, it said.

The core committee resolved that it was inexplicable why the provincial and federal governments had failed to provide security to Shia pilgrims in Balochistan despite repeated targeting of pilgrims in that province. "It is a complete failure on the part of the government and state and those under whose watch this happened must immediately take responsibility and resign", the Core Committee said in the statement.

The meeting observed that this growth in sectarian killings was clearly a part of proxy wars being fought on Pakistani soil. It is time the Prime Minister, who visited India supposedly to "improve" Pakistan-India relations, to stand up for Pakistan and demand of all forces indulging in proxy wars to stop using Pakistan and its people for this purpose. All external forces involved in destabilising activities in Pakistan, including proxy wars especially after Mian Nawaz Sharif compromised with many of those external actors, must be exposed and told firmly these activities will not be tolerated, the committee said.

"It is time for the government to admit its total failure in governance of which the first requirement is protecting the lives of its citizens followed by securing its sensitive installations like airports which are the gateway to the country," the Core Committee concluded.