There is an excellent article in Nawa-i-Waqt titled ‘Bhasha Dam ki Asha – Kalabagh Dam se Nirash’ by Lt. Col (R) Abdul Razzaq. It narrates the false promises made by politicians to build KBD, and now we are hearing fresh promises of building the Bhasha dam in the next 12-15 years by generating $12-15 billion ourselves, but the promise recedes in the future with the passing of each year. It appears that an unholy alliance has been made with forces inimical to Pakistan of not building KBD, which is the only life line for Pakistan to solve its chronic water and power shortage problems.

The author has pointed out the historic failure in building the KBD dam, at the behest of foreign powers that have a historic resonance of anti-Pakistan policies, nurtured by successive rulers, to the loss of Pakistan that amounts to criminal negligence. It appears that there was ‘a purpose in the madness’ of rulers to sink Pakistan’s economy at the altar of their foreign master’s wishes by hoodwinking the gullible public by rosy promises that were never meant to be honoured. Are we going to be seeing more of the same?


Lahore, May 19.