PTI Punjab leaders claimed that their party chief Imran Khan was the real leader of the Pakistani people and it had also been proved during the public meeting held at Jinnah Stadium Sialkot.

PTI Punjab Secretary Information Andaleeb Abbas said, “The Punjab government cannot stop us from mobilising tsunami with threats of terrorism as it is their duty to provide us with security. If anything wrong happens, Sharif brothers will be responsible for that. Also the PPP has called for electoral polls now which is a proof of right sightedness of Imran Khan.”

Mir Umer Farooq, another party leader, said, “The people are marching in caravans and the rulers are witnessing the wrath of Tsunami. The central and Punjab governments must think what would happen if these nationalists enter their shells.”

PTI Youth Wing Punjab leader Zahid Saleem Bajwa said, “We will not sit idle and continue fighting for our right of re-count of votes.” He also demanded neutral federal and provincial election commissioners along with new electoral system.