KARACHI- The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mohmand faction claimed responsibility for the second attack near the Karachi airport.

Attackers managed to flee as a heavy contingent of security forces reached Airport Security Force (ASF) camp number 2, which came under a fresh attack today. Flight operations resumed after being temporarily suspended. A security sweep and search operation is underway at the ASF academy, which is located in Bhitai Abad, Pehlwan Goth.

Deputy Director General ASK, Colonel Tahir Ali said the airport is secure and operations have resumed. He said that two attackers opened fire near the ladies hostel near D gate, which is located behind the ASF camp. "The ASF check post is about 100 meters from the scene. We were informed of the incident by our sentry posted there," he said.

Heavy firing was reported at the ASF camp in the metropolis today after unidentified men entered the premises. Initial reports suggest that the number of attackers could be between four and seven.

The camp is situated near the Jinnah International Airport which the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had cleared on Monday after a long battle between security forces and terrorists left 28 dead.

A Twitter account allegedly operated by Omar Khorasani of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mohmand faction tweeted on Tuesday that the group has carried out this second attack.