ISLAMABAD- The Executive Committee of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) that met here on Thursday under the chairmanship of Pir Muhammad Masood Chishti, Chairman Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council, unanimously passed a resolution expressing concern over the recent hike in fuel prices.

The resolution says, “The Executive Committee of the PBC has taken strong exception to first time in the Country history record hike in fuel prices which results to overall massive inflation in the country, especially the sharp increase in prices of consumer items that has made living of a common man much more expensive and very difficult since it was already adversely hitting the affordability of an average Pakistani.

The government has increased the fuel prices by honouring commitments with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without consideration and realising that in a country where almost half of the population lives below the poverty line, would badly affect the life of common man. These soaring prices have caused great unrest and frustration among the people. It has shaken the faith of the people upon the government because life has become very hard in real terms and increase in prices of daily items/commodities has seriously affected everyone and has reached at an alarming stage.

The committee is of the view since bureaucracy and other government functionaries are getting huge perks, privileges, other benefits/facilities including free fuel, so much so the WAPDA and Sui Gas department employees are getting free facility of electricity and gas, despite the fact that there is already huge gap between production and demand of electricity and gas and they use free of cost electricity and gas and their cost/bill has to pay a common man and the committee urged upon the government that it should immediately withdraw the privileges, high packages, free fuel, electricity and gas facilities available to bureaucracy, ministers and other government functionaries and further demanded that their protocol and security staff & security vehicles should also be reduced due to current economic situation of the country and same like other undue expenses should also be condensed instead to further over burden and squeeze the common man, the elite class should also sacrifice and Government should take immediate concrete practical steps to control this inflationary pressure and economic crises of Country.”