Misleading mantra  

Formed based on religion, Pakistan’s history is a chronicle of the government using religion to gain support or to promote an idea. Ideological nationalism seems to be the only viable instrument to retain control in a system disintegrated by political and economic instability. This endorsement of religious identity has resulted in the extremist groups demanding a share of power and the fundamentalists violating the secular law. People assuming themselves as the guardians of the religion take into their own hands the punishment of the accused. 

Since the 1980s, more than seventy people have been murdered for blasphemy. Due to the public’s demonization of victims and celebration of killers as heroes owing to the state-promoted outlook, the government finds it challenging to take action against individuals who use violence to defend the very faith that defines and is continuously being used to define Pakistan. This has not only endangered the minority groups but has also obstructed the normal functioning of the state. To gain support, the government invokes religious sentiments and distracts the public from viewing its performance failure. This has led us to the prevailing despondency with the system. The large bulge of youth today represents millions of potentially uneducated, unemployed, and unhappy young people. 

The economy is not far from complete collapse with the inflation rate almost unbearable. The so-called democracy is yet to be seen with a political situation close to complete anarchy. People disillusioned with the existing system have become more chaotic and rebellious. It is high time for the state to change its preoccupation with political and ideological matters to consider the matters more important for the welfare of the country.


Kallar Syedan.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt