SAP partners with IPAK to shift its data to cloud computing

Islamabad-SAP has partnered with International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK) to shift all its data on to cloud computing, deploying state-of-the-art cloud computing SAP software, S/4HANA Cloud solution, a market leading intelligent ERP solution for cloud computing. 
SAP in collaboration with Abacus Consulting, which is also SAP’s global partner, has transformed IPAK’s business processes by leveraging RISE with SAP to revamp the company’s digital landscape, informed a spokesperson here on Friday.
Abacus Consulting has accomplished the seamless deployment of SAP S/4HANA Cloud within a remarkable six-month timeframe. By implementing RISE with SAP, the company has successfully streamlined and modernized its operations, fostering innovation across various business functions such as Total Records, Cash Management, Data Services, Integration Services, and SAP Deployment Services, in addition to leveraging the cloud edition of RISE with SAP. This strategic decision aligns with the prevailing trend of enterprises, embracing a ‘Cloud-First’ approach, enabling them to significantly expedite their clients’ transformation journeys.
Fatima Asad-Said, Chief Executive Officer, Abacus Consulting Technology Ltd said, “The changing technology landscape is driving enterprises to migrate on to the cloud and adapt to emerging technologies with agility and speed. IPAK Group recognizes the strategic importance of transforming through enabling environments that will ensure their sustainability and growth. RISE with SAP is the best approach, recognized by IPAK leadership, and reflected strongly in their commitment to partnering with world class leaders to realize their business transformation journey, thus creating great value to all stakeholders”.
Naveed Godil, Chief Executive Officer, International Packaging Films Ltd also stated, “The company has continuously adapted to the demands of the modern era by proactively leveraging digital technologies to strengthen its core values. As part of this strategic vision, IPAK Group has embraced RISE with SAP as a key driver of growth in the cloud. The successful implementation of this digital transformation has enabled IPAK Group to enhance transparency, accountability, and internal controls in its business transactions, empowering the company to achieve its objectives with greater efficiency.”
Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, elaborated, “This is an important win for SAP cloud computing and a milestone in transforming the industry in Pakistan. The cloud solutions provided by SAP are best in the world, and will enable IPAK to leverage in better controls and improved quality of service. 
SAP solutions have provided ease in business operations, with increased transparency and customized solutions in accordance with the requirements of the company. 
IPAK’s Digitalization Strategy heavily emphasizes the adoption and acceleration of cloud technologies, and leveraging RISE with SAP results in enhanced operational efficiencies, particularly through smooth multi-cloud connectivity. SAP plays a vital role in assisting enterprises worldwide in achieving faster time-to-market, increased revenue, and reduced operational costs. 
It offers the ability to measure business performance against industry-leading key performance indicators (KPIs), provides industry-specific solutions aligned with RISE with SAP for focused industry sectors, and delivers a specialized Intelligent Automation Platform designed to deliver outcome-based support and services. Furthermore, SAP’s approach focuses on efficient program execution by following the, define, measure, analyze, improve, and control methodology, ensuring streamlined operations and facilitating rapid and flexible implementations.

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