Call to resolve Pak-India conflicts to spur regional economic growth

LAHORE   -   SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s former President Iftikhar Ali Malik Sunday pointed out that long pending unresolved conflicts between Pakistan and India hinder economic growth and overall prosperity in the region. In a media statement here Sunday, he noted that increased trade and economic collaboration between India and Pakistan could lead to significant advancements in technology, infrastructure, and overall economic development. He called on both the governments to prioritize peace and stability, suggesting that joint efforts in trade and commerce could pave the way for a more prosperous and harmonious South Asia. Iftikhar Malik urged the new Indian leadership to hold constructive dialogue with Pakistan, emphasizing that diplomatic efforts are essential to overcoming historical grievances and building a future based on mutual respect and cooperation. He hoped that India’s new government will address the Kashmir dispute and also reflect a broader vision for regional peace and economic development. For peaceful coexistence and stability, he suggested, diplomatic solutions to longstanding issues, highlighting the potential benefits of a collaborative and peaceful South Asia.He highlighted that Pakistan has always advocated for peaceful coexistence and has consistently supported initiatives aimed at fostering stability in the region.

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