Decoit Rule

The people of Sindh are facing countless problems, including inflation, poverty, unemployment, electricity and gas shortages, water scarcity, and more. However, the biggest and most significant issue is the law and order situation, which remains a question mark for the government. It is very difficult to move freely in society without peace. Due to the lack of peace, individuals cannot conduct business or engage in any other activities outside their homes with a sense of safety.

In Sindh, from Kashmore to Keti Bandar, the land is ruled by twisted mafia bandits. The people of Sindh have been grappling with inflation and poverty for a long time, but this culture of unrest exacerbates their hardships. They feel insecure even within their own homes. The police have completely failed to maintain peace, making citizens’ lives incredibly difficult. There seems to be no solution in sight, and residents are becoming increasingly worried with each passing day. The situation in the northern districts is dire, with thefts, frauds, robberies, and kidnappings rapidly increasing. Kidnapping incidents have become a profitable industry for criminals, who torture their victims and use modern technology to pressure relatives into paying ransom.

Recently, bandits trespassed into the house of a cloth businessman and innocently abducted a six-year-old child, Muhammad Hussaun, in Puno Aqil near Mehran School. Another tragic incident occurred in Pano Akil city, where, at a distance of 500 feet near Diagir Chowk of Baiji police station, two people belonging to the Saraiki tribe, Kamran Lashari and Pyaro Lashari, were kidnapped from the bridge of Pir Wah. The little boy and his elder brother, who came from Multan, opened a Thadal shop to earn a living and provide a better life for their family. Unfortunately, both were allegedly kidnapped from the shop at night. However, the state has remained silent in these sensitive circumstances.

In areas under bandit rule, a joint action involving the Rangers, Army, Police, and Intelligence agencies should be launched to eliminate the bandit culture. Three or four districts of Sindh are under the threat of unrest, and immediate action should be taken by the government.



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