Pakistan national football team faces travel disruption ahead of World Cup Qualifier

LAHORE   -   The Pakistan national football team is set to play its final away match of the FIFA World Cup Qualifier Round 2 against Tajikistan on June 11 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. However, the team’s travel schedule has faced significant disruptions due to unforeseen circumstances. A private airline flight, initially scheduled to transport the team, was canceled following a bird strike incident, causing two delays before the eventual cancellation. As a result, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has reached out to PIA for a chartered flight. Despite ongoing communications, the PFF has yet to receive a positive response from the PIA authorities.Currently, 8 out of the 35-member squad have arrived in Tajikistan. The remaining members are in limbo, as efforts to secure either a commercial or chartered flight continue. The PFF is trying its best to facilitate the travel of the remaining squad members to ensure they reach Tajikistan in time for the crucial match.The PFF remains committed to overcoming these challenges and is exploring all possible avenues to ensure the smooth travel of the players.

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