Shaikhani calls for establishment of innovative burns ward

HYDERABAD   -   In a significant appeal to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Muhammad Farooq Shaikhani, President Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industry, has urged the urgent need for an Innovative Burns Ward in Hyderabad city. Shaikhani highlighted the severe deficiencies in the current burns ward at Civil Hospital, Hyderabad, which lacks adequate rooms, intensive care units, and modern medical equipment. These shortcomings contribute to a high infection rate among patients, leading to untimely deaths due to inadequate treatment. Given Hyderabad’s population of over 4 million, alongside burn patients from surrounding districts, the absence of a modern burns ward is a critical issue. Shaikhani’s letter underscores the necessity for immediate action to establish a burns ward with international standards, ensuring better medical care and significantly reducing patient mortality rates. Chamber President Farooq Shaikhani Spotlighted the critical need for a Burns Ward in light of the recent tragic LPG cylinder accident in Hyderabad. This devastating incident has claimed over two dozen lives and left many others fighting for survival in hospitals across various cities. He stated that the establishment of a Burns Ward in Hyderabad, staffed with trained medical professionals, has become inevitable. This facility should be equipped with modern medical technology of international standards, including an intensive care unit, hydrotherapy and laser therapy for complex surgeries, infection control measures, outpatient care, and a research wing. He further highlighted the urgent necessity to train Burns Ward staff with expertise from officials in developed countries and to conduct public awareness campaigns on safe LPG cylinder handling and accident prevention. This comprehensive approach aims to significantly improve patient outcomes and enhance community safety. Shaikhani has called for the establishment of a rapid response system to manage future accidents effectively. He Called attention to the need for dedicated ambulances to ensure timely transport and care for burn victims.

In addition, Shaikhani advocated for the use of telemedicine services to provide consultation and support for burn victims in remote areas, leveraging modern technology to extend critical care.

Shaikhani passionately stated that as a nation, we must recognize that saving human lives is paramount. He urged the government to set aside political differences and take decisive action to protect the lives of both citizens and businesspeople. By implementing these measures, we can minimize the loss of life in the event of future accidents and fulfill our duty to safeguard the well-being of our people.

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