Wave of inflation continues in Peshawar

Peshawar   -   The wave of inflation continues in Peshawar, increasing the prices of vegetables, fruits, and live chicken per kilogram, while most vendors are not following the official rates issued by the district administration. The price of vegetables rises daily, with the price of onions jumping from Rs. 120 to Rs. 180. Tomatoes are now Rs. 110, lemons Rs. 350, garlic Rs. 540, and ginger Rs. 700 per kilogram, up from Rs. 650 before the forthcoming Eid-ul-Adha.

Other vegetable prices include potatoes at Rs. 100, kachalu at Rs. 210, green peppers at Rs. 160, capsicum at Rs. 150, brinjal at Rs. 140, cauliflower at Rs. 80, okra at Rs. 140, and peas at Rs. 240 per kilogram. Fruit prices have also increased, with apples at Rs. 310, cherries at Rs. 400, mangoes at Rs. 260, and peaches at Rs. 230, while bananas are Rs. 160 per dozen.

The price of live chicken has increased by Rs. 10 per kilogram, reaching Rs. 340 per kilogram. However, the price of eggs has reduced by Rs. 10 per dozen, now fixed at Rs. 230.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt