Master MoltyFoam yet again makes a difference by supporting Maternal Healthcare in collaboration with SDSM


Master MoltyFoam has a vision of – building a healthier, more equitable, and productive environment for Women in Pakistan. Throughout these years Master MoltyFoam has been supporting various causes and has made a remarkable impact through their campaigns like “Beti Bojh Nahin”, “Pink Ribbon Pakistan”, “Billbeds in Pakistan” etc.

Keeping in view the sheer importance to educate, advocate, and provide support to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers - this Women's Day, Master MoltyFoam has joined hands with SDSM and extended their support towards womanhood.

Maternal mortality is nothing short of an epidemic. Specifically in backward areas of Pakistan! Yet, we can prevent most of these deaths if women have access to pregnancy advice and support, trained midwives and birth attendants, life-saving treatments, and well-equipped health clinics and hospitals.

SDSM aims to improve maternal and reproductive healthcare in Pakistan through affordable and accessible services in communities. They build the capacity of frontline health workers, birth attendants, and medical staff at primary healthcare facilities with a specific focus on rural and remote areas. SDSM equips healthcare staff to provide essential services for patients in low-resource settings.

Some eye-awakening stats are as follows:

1) Pakistan loses 14,000 women during childbirth every year, one death every 37 minutes (UNFPA Pakistan).

2) We also report the highest fertility rate in the South Asian region with 3.6 children per woman and have the lowest contraceptive prevalence rate in the region at only 34% (Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2018).

However, 70% of maternal deaths are preventable; and treatable with timely, accessible, and affordable healthcare services (CDC).

In this collaboration, 100 plus midwives have been adequately trained, considering their huge impact and importance to this cause. Apart from this, mattresses and 500 plus safety kits have been donated for various causes.


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