Sindh Food Authority to establish food lab in Karachi

KARACHI-Director General Sindh Food Authority Agha Fakhar has said that in first phase SFA is going to establish food Lab in Karachi and in second phase such labs will also be established in other districts of Sindh. “The purpose of establishing these labs is to accelerate testing practices of edible oil,” he said while visiting the training venue and met with participants. Nutrition International organised a 3-day training of trainers on High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi for technical staff of Sindh Food Authority. The main purpose of the training was to orient and enhance the technical capacity of the Sindh Food Authority on HPLC and CDR Food Lab.
Provincial Program Manager of NI, Mueen Qureshi thanked all the participants of the training. He shared that this training is valuable for the technical staff of SFA and would enhance the capacity of staff conducting various tests of edible oil. Mueen Qureshi also thanked the officers of the Sindh Food Authority for ensuring their utmost support in promoting fortification practices at all levels. Prof Dr Syed Asad Saeed, a technical committee member of SFA, held a detailed session in which he briefly explained the history of chromatography and its usage in conducting different tests of edible oil. 
He shared with the participants about chromatography techniques, selection of solvents, difference between mobile and stationary phase, its parts and working mechanism of HPLC.
Dr Shakeel Ahmed, head of ICCBS held a second-day session on the CDR Food lab. He briefly explained the practical applications and its related problems along with sample preparations. Furthermore, he also shared with the participants regarding entire software working and chromatographical reading of graphs, preparation of stock solution and working standards, sample preparation and analysis on HPLC (hands-on training), detailed information about injection, flow rates of solution and solvent in HPLC. He also told about the isocratic and Gradient systems of HPLC. In the end of the training, the certificates were awarded to the participants.

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