Women and minorities, the shocking facts of their existence

Atheism is not a playground for white men, writes Aki Muthali

Ah, life – where one person’s ignorance is another person’s cancer. It’s as if hearing someone say something so inconceivably stupid that your eyes roll back enough to see your own brain in shock. Ignorance entangled in massive intellectual dishonesty turns people into born-again idiots.

Have you read the article from the Guardian that is based on a “Christian polling firm”? I have no personal contempt towards the author – but a few details in the article have ironies that are screaming to be heard – like the headline itself, “Finally, atheists are no longer just old white men” which pretty much sums up the article. It implies atheism has always been a white-man’s thing because women and people of colour couldn’t have possibly supported the logical approach to life until just recently – right?

I understand the context of the author’s argument, but then there’s this paragraph, “The real reason for atheism’s monochrome public image has nothing to do with the subtle effects of testosterone on the brain or natural selection. The fault lies with past generations of leaders who didn’t address the issues that matter most to women and minorities.” Wait – what? The real reason for a lack of diversity in atheism is due to white atheists’ attention deficit towards these demographics’ problems? In order for that to be logical at all, we must first wonder since when did white men become the sole representatives of atheism? This is a classic example of people just conjuring unsubstantiated nonsense then conformists delivering narratives based on such egotism which ultimately maligns them regardless of how well intended their arguments are.

Now, let’s take a look at that survey which the article is based on. It claims, “Perhaps the biggest transition of all is the entry of millions of women into the skeptic ranks. In 1993 only 16 percent of atheists and agnostics were women. By 2013 that figure had nearly tripled to 43 percent. This enormous increase is not because the number of skeptic men has declined. In fact, men’s numbers have steadily increased over the last two decades—but not nearly as rapidly as among women.”—I mean, just wow! Patriarchy just realized female atheists exist in a great number! You’d be surprised what other great revelations time will present when you regard women as real human beings who also have a complex brain capable of pursuing logic like their male counterpart – especially when they aren’t being beaten and raped into accepting male authoritarianism – shocking – I know!


Maybe there's a spike in female atheists because only within the last 30 years had violence against women and girls been taken seriously – and it empowered many female atheists to speak their mind without being fearful of the repercussions of being female and opinionated? Maybe – just maybe, it had a great deal to do with it!


It’s amusing when those who hold all the cards limit the opportunities for women and then act shocked that they exist in the categories they refused to acknowledge them in the first place? If we’re to look at the early stages of Science in the Western world, from Hypatia (of Alexandria) to Ada Byron and Marie Curie, et al – women of intellectual studies have long existed, but their era hardly recognized their contributions and instead, ostracized them for their independence and intelligence – because one thing Patriarchy fears the most is the boogeyman under its bed – an assertive and educated woman.

We already know the religious world is built on the blueprints of misogyny and sexism – so there shouldn’t be much words extended to describe the duplicitous nature of patriarchy’s divine half – other than to express the fact that in practically all religions, there exists a multitude of scriptures that incite gender-apartheid.

The survey then stated, “Religious skepticism has become more racially and ethnically inclusive. While whites represented 80 percent of all skeptics 20 years ago, that figure had dropped to 74 percent by 2013.”—can you believe it – up until just 2013, racial minorities of the western society just weren’t all that into you, atheism – but now, we’re falling in love, at last!

It’s not that women “just” started to progress in society’s leadership and humanist roles – if only the men who claimed authority to life had pulled their heads out of their backside a few millennia ago – the world would have noticed their efforts – but instead, they enslaved and scorned us and held us responsible for being dehumanized. It’s truly diabolically condescending when the world of Western patriarchy awards itself with compliments by portraying women and racial minorities as these creatures who just most recently became mentally self-aware – it’s bigoted to admire a concept that suggests women and minorities simply turned away from atheism because they were disenfranchised by white men. Our disbelief in a magical sky daddy has absolutely nothing to do with how white men represent other people – why is this so painfully difficult to grasp?

There are countless numbers of atheists from the Eastern world who risk their life daily just to promote humanism – they don’t have the luxury of media fame like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. There are many atheists of colour living in the Western world too who most likely can’t ever return to their homelands because they too are vocal atheists – but media rarely mentions their names. By claiming that atheism is a playground for white men – you insult the memory of Avijit Roy and many others who faced the same brutal end as he did, and smother the voices of people like Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Alishba Zarmeen, Eiynah, Ali A. Rizvi, Maryam Namazie, and many others, including the well-known people as Salman Rushdie. We have always existed. Don’t punish us just because you were too lazy to glance beyond the colour media had glorified. How does one draw parameters that determine the accurate number of atheists in the female and minority groups when they are simply ignored on a grand scale while in plain sight?    

All of the above is a dilemma courtesy of the spectrum of pseudo liberalism just as how people are “shocked” at how the Islamic State treats women and girls. Many leftists continue to gasp over Islamic State’s sexual barbarism against the female hostages because just now they are attentive towards Islamic totalitarianism (IS). While apologists like CJ Werleman may claim rape is part of war and insinuate there isn’t anything specially nefarious about IS’s behaviour in comparison to military and other forms of rapes – they conveniently forget that while sexual abuse is unanimously condemned by many nations – the only region in the 21st century that proudly justifies sexual slavery of women and children is, without a doubt, consists of nations ruled by Sharia. From child marriages to the prosecution and persecution of women and girls who had survived sexual abuse, rape victims are often stoned to death, imprisoned or “honour-killed” by the family – so enough with the gasping and wide-eyed shock – come to terms with the world around you that hasn’t socially evolved since the Dark Age.  

And then, I came across this gem of an article. The author is in complete shock that women have other priorities than delivering tiny human beings, who by the way, aren’t puppies and do require more care. But apparently, women who are aware of the limits of their own body and mind are causing “society's deterioration”! There just aren’t enough orphans and abandoned babies in the garbage these days, so why not encourage the birth of more unwanted babies and crucify women for being intelligent enough to not have children when they don’t want to? Feminism is apparently guilty of wrecking “traditional” sentiments of the heteronormative culture – the end is nigh!

This new age of shocks pulsating through Western society comes in many forms of bigotry – the born-again idiotism pours in abundance like the Niagara Falls. Its victims have more faith in their ignorance and so they vow to never stray from its glorious path! I wouldn’t touch such imbecilic pride with a 10 foot pole because it gets triggered and expands in 50 shades of narcissism. Thanks for recognizing women and people of colour exist in fields you previously thought otherwise – but don’t undermine the quality of our humanism and intellect just because you were crippled by your own agonizing obliviousness.

Aki Muthali

Aki Muthali is a freelance writer, who's a feminist. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, she currently lives in Canada. She’s also an illustrator and a painter. Follow her on Twitter 

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