Power corrupts

Our politicians have all the wisdom while in opposition and they point to every transgression of the sitting government with full force. However, they never put this wisdom to work in time to prepare for the future. While they know all the issues, they are never seemed to have a plan when they get their hands on power. It is a known fact that power corrupts, but in our case, it corrupts our leaders completely.
The moment they are in power, it appears that all their wisdom vanishes. It is because they get so swayed by the lust for power that they are unable to see the truth. Opportunists and sycophants quickly surround them and isolate them from reality. Even leaders like Bhutto fell prey to his. He led the newly formed Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). One of the founding members of the party was Mr. JA Rahim, who played a pivotal role in writing up the manifesto of this new party. Mr. Bhutto the chairperson of PPP assumed power (selected) after the fall of Dhakka. Later he was elected PM. After assuming power, Bhutto arranged a dinner for his cabinet members, which included Mr. JA Rahim as production minister. The cabinet members and other invitees gathered at the house of Mr. Bhutto.
They kept waiting for him to join them on the lawn while he was busy meeting other politicians inside his house. Mr. Rahim was irritated by this delay and raised his concerns with Farooq Ali and other guests. He mentioned that Bhutto was insulting the guests by not showing up on time. Mr. Rahim and a few infuriated ministers left the venue, and the incident was reported to Mr. Bhutto by his loyalists. Bhutto, instead of realizing his mistake, ordered the FSF to be sent to Mr. Rahim’s house to have him arrested. This incident is an example of where power got to the head of Mr. Bhutto. His loyalists gave him the news in a manner that reflected poorly on Mr. Rahim. Bhutto instead of introspecting to finding facts was perplexed by power and took an unnecessary and rash decision.


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