LONDON   -   Experts warn Prince Harry “cannot be trusted” as Netflix is banking on “more secrets” since the subscriber dip. This claim has been made by a source close to The Sun and according to their findings, “William wants to talk to Harry to try to heal the rift between them but he’s fearful it will find its way onto Netflix, Oprah or into Harry’s upcoming book.” GB News’ Colin Brazier also reacted to the news and turned to Twitter with thoughts of their own, “Understandably, distrust of Harry seems to have hit a new low.”

“If his brother really feels that even a family gathering will become ammunition for the next Sussex salvo via Netflix, then it might be better to strike his name from the guest list permanently.” While, the  experts have also warned Meghan Markle’s “celebrity is fading” after Netflix humiliation. This claim has been made by royal commentator Andrew Pierce, in an interview with the Palace Confidential.

He was quoted saying, “What does it say about the fall from grace of Meghan?” “This contract was signed in 2020 - it is not even two years old and they’ve realised already that her celebrity is fading in the United States.” “She only had celebrity because she married into the British Royal Family. And every time Harry opens his mouth, he puts another wedge between him and his own family.”

“He is remote and disconnected. I think Netflix are working out that they are not the investment they thought they were.

Pearl was very important to Meghan herself who’s the great woke warrior Queen – it’s a real blow to her prestige and ego.”