Govt's policies inviting martial law: Nawaz

KHAIRPUR The chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that due to continuous non-implementation of the Charter of Democracy and promises, the PML-N has distanced itself from the ruling party. The rulers have played jokes with the Charter of Democracy, he further said. Addressing a big gathering at residence of provincial president PML-N Sayed Ghous Ali Shah at Gharhi Mori, Nawaz Sharif told due to wrong policies of government, the state as well as masses are suffering very much. Had the rulers implemented the Charter of Democracy, the situation would have been different today, he added saying the Opposition was not taken into confidence during the agreement with IMF and prices of petrol and other items have been increased. He said that if government controls the corruption of Rs 300 billion to 400 billion and tax leakage of Rs 500 billion, we would not see the IMF and other institutions. He said that they had given the suggestion of independent commission of honest people for the flood-effectees to the government during the meeting with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on which the PM agreed but after joint press conference they ran away from the promises. Due to dishonesty and non-implementation of our advices, the donor countries expressed dissatisfaction over the relief activities and they urged for transparency, he said adding that it brought shame for our country. Nawaz Sharif further told that democracy is horse and martial law is donkey but due to poor policies donkey is coming. He said whenever martial law was enforced, the country suffered. He said martial law is not better for any country as it has harmed our country. He said that due to failed policies of the government they are not supporting them. He said the rulers had information about the shortage of sugar and asked why they did not take measures in this regard. He said that President Asif Ali Zardari has not taken the lesson from past and due to his poor response towards the masses; they have no more majority in the masses. He said that Pervez Musharraf is telling that if he becomes in power again, he will do same as he had done in the past like murder of Akbar Bugti and attack on Lal Mosque. He said increase in terrorism in the country is shame for us. He said that during his 1st tenure he finished the dacoit culture from Sindh and distributed land among the poor deserving Haris. He said that his party politics is for the better Pakistan and he will do everything in this regard. Earlier former Sindh chief minister and PML-N President for Sindh Sayed Ghous Ali Shah in his address told that rulers are doing cruelty with people in the name of democracy so they will no more allow them doing so. Saleem Zia also spoke on the occasion. Earlier Mian Nawaz Sharif presided over the meeting of provincial organising committee and coordination committee in closed room and directed the members to start the membership. He said that PML-N would participate in local bodies elections and obtain majority. Rana Mashhood, Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly, Aziz Ahmed Shaikh, Ishaq Dar, MNA Darshan Lal, Mamnoon Hussain, Pervez Ahmed, Zain Ansari, Abdul Majeed Shaikh, Madam Zeenat Shaikh and hundreds workers were present. Earlier a warm well come was accorded to Mian Nawaz Sharif on his arrival at Gahrhi Mori.

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