Afridi vs Miandad

Shahid Afridi is also the legendary cricketer of Pakistan as he also played many match winning innings and held many records, he is considered as the King of the modern cricket, king of sixes and the biggest game changer as he has the ability to win the match for his team single handedly.

Javaid Miandad despite being an amazing cricketer in his own right recently after statement in which said Afridi is a match fixer and a traitor as he gave the statement in India during T20 Cricket World Cup that he is more loved by Indians than Pakistanis. Which begins the word war between two legendary cricketers in reply Shahid Afridi said, “Miandad is always seeks for money and that is a big difference between him and Imran Khan”. It is sad that Javed Miandad was making personal attacks for long time” and after that Shahid Afridi tweeted, “ I regret what I said to a senior but of course I had to eventually react to his behaviour”.

Both are the legendary cricketers and it does not suit them to behave like this because it portrays the negative side of Pakistani cricket. PCB should also pay some attention to his deplorable behaviour and play a role to end this conflict.


Karachi, October 10.





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