I am a student of Government Shad Degree College Turbat. When my student card got damaged I asked the administration for another one. They did make me one but demanded 60 rupees in return. In the past the administration had charged me 20 rupees for the same card. They are constantly increasing its charges by earning money from students. One card takes 20 rupees but after 3 or 4 months the card automatically becomes damaged then students would be compelled to take another student’s card, so the administration have increased the charges for making cards to earn more money.

Besides, as students of the institute it should be our right to avail free student identification. This is a clear example of corruption. At least 2 thousand students are currently enrolled in my college. Hence, this upsurge in pricing is a way to rob us students to earn huge profits. I request the principle that some justice should be given to the students and not charge for student’s cards.


Turbat, October 10.