At long last, the wheels of accountability have been set in motion. Pakistan’s apex court has taken up the Panama papers case in a judicial event that will go down as a milestone in our national history. An event that will perhaps be the first of the many required to root out political corruption and recreate a Pakistan synonymous with our founding father’s vision.

The ongoing case appears to have sent ripples of panic amongst the coterie of politicians, who during their respective tenures of government have not only looted Pakistan, but committed acts that run contrary to national interest. One of these individuals, who sits across the Parliamentary aisle and belongs to what was once a popular party (now in disarray), stated ‘that their (the legislators’) beards had been given in the grasp of the apex court’. The statement came as no surprise, because the gentlemen and his ilk are probably having nightmares, where they can see the long arm of the law reaching for their throats.

While full confidence must be expressed in our highest judiciary, tribute must be paid to the Pakistan Army leadership for its vision and constitutional integrity. It would have been very easy, given the situation, for the men in khaki to intervene, but this did not happen, lending strength to democracy and raising this institution higher in national esteem.

The second newsmaker these days is the national security leak issue, which is being tackled by the ruling party in a characteristically crude manner. The formation of the enquiry committee and nomination of its members (barring those from the Military Intelligence and the Inter-Services Intelligence) is nothing short of a farce. With these nominees outnumbering the two from MI and ISI, the conclusions of the committee are likely to become controversial, more so if the two military members append a note to the effect that they do not agree with the findings. The resultant crisis will aggravate matters for the PML-N government, who perhaps do not fully comprehend the gravity of the incident. The government needs to understand that a ‘breach of national security’ is a crime that falls under the category of high treason, carrying very serious penalties.

The PTI leadership came under severe criticism for calling off the agitation. The party responded and silenced critics by holding a gigantic public meeting sending an effective message that it was a force to reckon with. The event was rendered more impressive by the numbers it generated in the small time window that was available. Khan Sahib is now hinting at the possibility of taking to the roads once again if the findings of the enquiry commission become controversial. One hopes that such a situation does not arise.

The just concluded US elections ironically remind one of our own electoral exercise. There were threats of not accepting the results by one candidate if defeated (this particular gentleman won the elections in what can only be termed as a victory that sent shockwaves through the US). There were also incidents of firing at a couple of polling stations and we are now witnessing agitation in some parts of the country as voters come to grips with reality. It is opined within some non-white US communities that Mr Donald Trump’s election to the White House may be the precursor of white resurgence. This has led some to raise a nightmarish question – Could this be an omen for national disintegration within the US?

If we go by campaign statements made by the newly elected 45th President of the US, then our foreign office needs to put their act together in the ‘love affair’ that is likely to manifest between the new US administration and our eastern neighbour. I can only hope that the Trump rhetoric was meant for campaigning purposes only in a bid to secure the resident Indian minority vote. What makes the move menacing is that this voting niche was wooed disregarding an equally effective Muslim segment. The coming months will require deft back-peddling by the US if Mr Trump wants to establish amicable relations with the Islamic bloc of countries and Muslims living within the United States.