“Facts are irrelevant. What matters is what the consumer believes.”

–Seth Godin

Seth Godin who is known to be one of the foremost advertising Moghuls of this century lays down the precedent for the basic technique used not only by advertisement firms but also by media pundits to predict consumer behaviour. We see a resounding factor of this statement within Trump’s campaign and how his ability to sway the voters in his favour led to his ability to distort versions of the truth in his favour. It is Trump’s ability to be able to perceive how people are being sold on the whim of a feeling as opposed to the existence of hard core facts that punctuates his demagoguery. This can also be applied to all of our local political parties, where their heavy handed rhetoric sounds empty because even they known that it is not the tangibility of their promises that matter to the masses but the fervour with which they make them.