Pakistan is facing from economic challenges from seven decades and in Pakistan the investment and saving level is down. In recent years rapid decrease has been witnessed in factors of production of Pakistan’s economy. It depends on agriculture huge proportion of national income is from agriculture. Agriculture sector in recent time has declined it contributes 20% to national income. Before it was 50% developed countries improve their growth for more production.

In flash back Pakistan was 3rd largest milk producer and 3rd largest producer of rice but level of rice but the level of supply of many in June 2007 to 3793 billion this brought economic instability and caused inflation in Pakistan. This year many supply had been done September from 1430699 PKR million in August 2017. Supply of money has became an economic depression in Pakistan. The ratio remains low because foreign investors are not ready to invest in Pakistan because of security issue. In 1960 national saving in GDP was only 10 per cent and in 2008 it was 15 per cent afterwards at declined rapidly in 2007. Investments should be made in technology to make high products rather then low quality products.