Pakistan International Airline (PIA) Islamabad-bound flight narrowly escaped an accident during take-off at Canada’s Toronto Pearson Airport.

According to details, PIA aircraft PK-787 entered into a taxiway (a route along which aircraft can taxi when moving to or from a runway) at the airport without getting clearance from airport administration.

At the same time, the Air Canada flight from Seoul reached Toronto airport and was about to land at the same runway where the PIA plane was already present, but timely action by air traffic control avoided a clash between the two planes.

The PIA administration took strict notice of the negligence of pilot and directed him to undertake a cockpit management course once again.

Back in October, Karachi-bound aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) narrowly escaped an accident.

The sources at the airport said the aircraft travelling from Sharjah to Karachi suffered a bird strike but the pilot of the plane managed to land it safely at Jinnah International Airport.