Quran Khawani was held at Iqbal Manzil Sialkot here under the auspices of Bazm-e-Iqbal where the participants prayed for the eternal peace of Dr Javaid Iqbal, who died in Lahore on October 3, and his father Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA).

A large number of people including Allama Iqbal’s grandsons participated in the gathering. They offered Fateha for both the great personalities. They paid homage to them for their meritorious services for education, philosophy, poetry and Pakistan.

Iqbal Manzil is the birth place of Allama Iqbal and his son Dr Javaid Iqbal. Dr Javaid Iqbal was born in Iqbal Manzil on October 5, 1924 and died in Lahore on October 03, 2015.

Addressing the participants, Allama Iqbal’s grandsons Dr Umer Iftikhar and Baidar Bakhat highlighted various aspects of the life, poetry and personality of Allama Iqbal, and said that Iqbal attributed the youth as Shaheen for promoting and motivating selfness, Khudi, courage and Kasab-e-Kamaal.

They stressed the national youth to follow the teachings of Allama Iqbal to bring changes in their life and to serve the nation in a better way in future.

Prof Ejaz Butt said that Dr Javaid Iqbal had never visited his birth place due to some unknown reasons since his departure to Lahore in his childhood. He said that in 1974, Dr Javaid Iqbal had reached in front of the gate of Iqbal Manzil but could not step in, saying that perhaps his family’s memories had halted him to enter the historic building.

Syed Riaz Hussain Naqvi, caretaker of Iqbal Manzil, narrated that there was a great imagination of implementation, ethics and spiritualism in Iqbal’s poetry. He said that Allama Iqbal wanted to see human development through the way of selfless or Khudi.

Expert in Iqbaliyat Prof Ejaz Butt revealed that the teachings of Allama Iqbal are like a beacon to maintain tolerance, peace and stability in the society.

He said that youth of the nation should transform themselves into Iqbal’s ‘Mard-e-Momin’ and strive for self reliance within own resources. He emphasised austerity envisioned by Allama Iqbal. He stressed that Pakistan can only be redeemed through emulation of Iqbal’s vision on democracy, human excellence and self reliance.

Bazm-e-Iqbal President Nasir Khan Lodhi said, “We must meet this great intellectual challenge of our time for confronting militancy. For this, we need to imbibe the teachings of Allama Iqbal. This indeed is the best tribute we can pay to Allama Iqbal today.”