Multan-The district government has decided to register animal skin collection centres of charities in an apparent bid to prevent banned extremist organisations from making fortune.

DCO Nadir Chattha told the media on Friday that no extremist or banned outfit would be allowed to collect animal skins on Eidul Azha. He added that the skin collection centres would be registered and formal notification would be issued in this regard.

Referring to the sanitation on Eid, he said that the Solid Waste Management Company has been given special task to keep the city clean. “Over 150,000 special shoppers have been arranged which will be distributed among the citizens to collect remains of animals,” he added. He claimed that the performance of the company had started improving and the strength of the company was being increased through induction of new staff and addition of equipment. He said that additional staff would be deployed at all public places on Eid.

He said that the trade of animals has been banned in all city areas under Section 144 and hundreds of animals had been taken into custody and sent to the goat markets. He said that the goat markets had been set up out of city area to protect the citizens from Congo virus. He added that Congo prevention kits were being given for free at these markets.

He further revealed that the district government had also launched free service between city areas and goat markets. “This service will shuttle between the goat markets and city areas and ship the citizens to the markets for free,” he added.

District officer coordination Zahid Ikram told media that plenty of kits are available at the goat markets, asking the citizens to get the kit before entering the premises.

Managing director of the company Ahmad Shahryar said that a comprehensive strategy has been evolved to keep the city clean on eid. He added that additional containers and hand carts have been acquired for lifting trash and remains of the animals on Eid. He said that the staff of the company would work in shifts round the clock in 61 urban union councils of Multan to keep the city clean during Eid.