BHALWAL-Despite the establishment of biggest animals market on Salim Road, the TMA is allegedly allowing vendors to enter the city and sell sacrificial animals, putting the citizens at the potential risk of Congo spread.

According to a survey conducted by this correspondent, the residents of different areas complained that apart from numerous civic problems including broken water pipelines, shabby roads, huge accumulation of rainwater and heaps of garbage, a large number of animals that are brought to the city in the evening add to the public problems. They said that it has become very difficult for the residents to pass through streets of main bazaars due to the huge presence of animals on roads as all the grounds along the roads are filled with dirty water and animals’ excrement. They alleged that the TMA officials allegedly receive bribe from the vendors and allow them to sell animals inside the city which is not only increasing pollution but also pose threat to public health. “The TMA also seem to be unaware of the hovering threat of Congo virus epidemic as the infected animals with red eyes, cough and flue not only can affect the buyers, sellers and the children play in streets but also all those who come in contact with such disease-carrying animals,” they said, informing that they have submitted repeated applications to the TMA office but the officials have turned a deaf ear to their cries.

They demanded the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation and ban entry of the sacrificial animals in the city.