ISLAMABAD: In an official response sent by one of the senior officials of Home Office, the UK government condemned the violence perpetuated in Karachi on August 22.

The letter in which the Home Office mentioned to forward Pakistan s reference to the London Metropolitan Police department was received by the Interior Ministry.

The London Metropolitan Police would thoroughly check the evidences provided by Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistani government would also be contacted in case further testimony is needed in that case.

It was also mentioned in the letter that law enforcement agencies inside UK were fully independent and always act according to the law.

The Home Office also vowed that UK was carefully looking at August 22 situation and that they were in contact with the Pakistani government in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that the Interior Ministry had sent a reference to the British government by the end of last of month. In its reference addressed to the UK government, the interior ministry provided evidences of inciting violence by MQM chief through his speeches from UK.