KABUL - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani yesterday warned to close Pakistan’s transit route to Central Asian countries over closure of Wagah port for Afghan traders’ import and export.

President Ghani made the remarks during a meeting with the UK’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Owen Jenkins in Kabul.

He said Afghanistan was no more a landlocked country as several other options and transit routes were available to Afghan traders for import and export of commodities.

President Ghani further added Pakistan usually closed transit routes during the fruits season, causing millions of dollars losses to Afghan traders.

According to the Afghan president, India has agreed to exempt Afghanistan from financial tariff for the export of fruits to the country.

President Ghani also focused on Afghan peace talks, fight against terrorism and the issue of the Afghan refugees’ repatriation from Pakistan.

Jenkins said the situation and environment in Pakistan suggested that the return of Afghan refugees should be expedited and more refugees must return to Afghanistan during the current and next year.

President Ghani said the Afghan refugees were tired of pressures and the ongoing situation in Pakistan and were willing to repatriate to Afghanistan. He, however, said the Afghan refugees had invested billions of rupees in the country and the government was committed to supporting them for shifting their investments to Afghanistan.

He urged the international community to support Afghanistan in this process as the Afghan government had taken necessary steps to assist the returnees.