Today, I woke up around 9:00 am assuming that it was 10:00 am because earlier I was up around 7:00 am and I had assumed that it was 8:00 am, and then when I woke up again I assumed again that it was 10:00 though it was 9:00! So, when I woke up at my aunt's place, my cousins Kisa and Tooba were still asleep . But, it looked like that Tooba had woken up before because she was now on the mattress with Kisa . In 10-15 minutes, they were up too. So, I took a shower while Kisa made breakfast and Tooba ate it. Later me, Tooba and Qasim watched Puss in Boots on the Mp3 . Then, we had lunch and then Tooba watched and learned Quran lessons on the computer while I talked to Lala. When I was talking to her, Mama called . So, I said bye to Lala, and mama shared the link to Daily Nation's e-magazine Young Nation, and my page "Dear Diary: Mindy says" looked fantastic. Then, I went downstairs and played dominoes with Tooba. Then, we played a role play game and had snacks. Around 8:00 pm, Mudasara Khalah came home from work and so did her husband . We had dinner with them. We rode scooters and then we recited noha again being a custom. Then, we prayed and Kisa gave me a notebook as a gift from her which was very nice of her to do. In it, she wrote, she was very happy I had come to stay with her. We then talked. It was my last night in Wimbledon.

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 6, 2016