These amazing inventions are fruits grown to form into various shapes like Frankstein's face or Buddha. The art of modifying, arranging, or decorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal is known as "plating", which usually involves stacking food in various displays. But now Chef's can add sculptured fruits and vegetables to their culinary art. But growers such as Tony Dighera in California has invested hundreds of thousands developing molds and growing processes into a technology that sculpts edible fruits and vegetables to look like just about anything you want. Tony sells his watermelons and pumpkins wholesale for $100 a piece and the demand is greater than he can supply. He receives orders from all over the world and most of his produce (8,000 pumpkins and watermelons) are sold before they have even finished growing. He has lots of plans for new products, such as growing logos, and is thinking of licensing his technology to other growers to keep up with the demand.

Internet Had A Photoshop Field Day With NASA

NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio posted to Twitter a magnificent photo that shows the moon passing between NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory and Earth.  “Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo,” Mastracchio wrote. The internet responded by having itself an absolute field day.

Some took to Twitter to debate the authenticity of the picture. Others decided to show the NASA astronaut exactly what “unbelievable” really looks like, photoshopping the original picture into oblivion. From an orbiting hamburger to Donald Trump’s noggin, here’s a look at some of the clever ― and 100 percent fake ― memes that spun out

Courtesy HuffPost Hawaii

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 6, 2016