Hajj is the most sacred pilgrimage in any Muslim’s life. The government of Pakistan arranged training for intending Hajj pilgrims ahead of Hajj pilgrimage in respective districts of country. The training was conducted this July right after completion of the month of Ramazan and Eidul Fitr.

The one month long training was conducted by Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan. In Lahore the training camp is always set up at Haji Camp, which is actually is Sardar Dyal Singh Majeethia boy’s hostel. The building is used for training people to perform Hajj.

Shafqat Ali Khan, Railway Mechanical Engineer who attended the training this year told The Nation that government’s Hajj training revealed so many things and aspects that hitherto were not in his knowledge. Shafqat was of the view that the trainers at Haji Camp briefed the intending Hajis about each step of Hajj. “They gave in-detail presentations on every possible scenario that we might have to face during the performance of Hajj,” he said.

Hajj is the pilgrimage mandatory for those Muslims who could financially afford to undertake the journey at least once in lifetime. The five-day long Hajj is all about quest to find peace in House of God. The intending Hajis during their training were asked to carry out daily walk as most part of Hajj pilgrimage you have to walk. The intending Hajis were briefed about how to deal with different situations during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

As stampede incidents have occurred a number of times in the past especially some years ago when 717 people lost their lives in a stampede in Minna. The Saudi Arabia has always made best possible arrangements to facilitate the world’s largest religious gathering. Reportedly more than two million pilgrims will be performing Hajj this year. Saudi government led by King Salman have made special arrangement to ensure that incidents of stampede may not happen again.

“During the training we advise people not to rush things and to move quickly but not speedily and never to block other people’s way,” Qazi Muhammad Noor Ullah, Assistant Leader Trainer told this scribe that ministry arranged the training for people going to perform Hajj. Scouts who helped at the Haji Camp take no money as they consider themselves working for Allah Almighty.

“The core problem is every person wants to perform the Hajj ritual at earliest; the best way to perform Hajj is not be restive at any point. We advised Hajis to wait and show patience in performing rituals,” Noor Ullah said.

During training session at Haji Camp, the intending Hajis were advised to follow the policy to carry only necessary things for the stay in Saudi Arabia and not to carry any extra baggage or belongings. Millions of people from Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas are expected to perform Hajj so Pakistan government asked people to carry badge of Pakistan’s flag to ensure their identification.

Shafqat said they were told that they should prepare for the unnecessary delay at Jeddah Airport where vaccination cards will be checked or in case proper vaccination occurred. From there the Hajis are provided transports to reach their hotels, buildings as Saudi Government divides the residence of Hajis in sectors.

Transportation becomes the biggest challenge to move from Mecca to Minna, to Mount Arafat till the offering of sacrifice in the name of Allah, the last ritual of Hajj. Hajis are advised to keep in touch before the departure of buses, from hotels to any of the holy sites while staying in Saudi Arabia.