Mueez Ahmed

Class 6 Purple

Pak Turk International School & Colleges

Boo hoo boo hoo

Everything blue

Green green everything green

Earth past years were clean

Now it’s turning red and brown

Because no one cares here down

Earth is a place to live in peace

Earth is our home

Home of upcoming generations too

Keep it clean

Keep it green and blue

Dedicated to Martyrs of APS

I dreamed big

I wanted to be an engineer

To build my nation

But those people forced it to go

They terrorized my folks

They smashed my dreams

My country fellows

By Mueez Ahmed

Let start a war against them

Take the torch in your hands

And continue my journey

The journey of dreams

Journey of reading and writing

Stand up and fight those

Who think they can dictate

But they can’t

Those rusty old guns

Can never kill us

Published on August 6, 2016 in Young Nation magazine