MULTAN: Multan police has received forensic report in respect of the mobile phones of Mufti Qavi, Waseem and Haq Nawaz in Qandeel Baloch murder case.

According to police report of one phone besides two phones of Qandeel Baloch, has been received.

As per report, Qandeel Baloch made last contact with Mufti Qavi on June, 22 and sent 10 SMS. Qandeel had regretted with Mufti Qavi through these SMS. Mufti Qavi gave no reply to SMS sent from Qandeel Baloch.

The forensic report regarding mobile phone of the accused persons Waseem, brother and Haq Nawaz cousin of Qandeel Baloch said that Arif brother of Qandeel who was settled in Saudi Arabia, contacted both of these suspects several times.