LAHORE - PAT chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri yesterday revealed the names of Indians who, according to him, are working in sugar mills of the Sharif family.

Addressing a press conference at Pakistan Awami Tehreek head office in Model Town, he reiterated his allegations against ruling family, terming it “pro-Indians, terror-sponsored and threat to the country’s sovereignty”.

He alleged over 300 letters were sent to Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi on different occasion by Sharif family seeking visas for Indians exempted from police verification.

 “Over 300 technicians, IT experts and engineers are working in Sugar mills of Sharifs and today I’m revealing the names with passport numbers of their 50 employees,” he said, questioning why the ruling family demanded visas for Indians which were exempted from police and security verification.

 “Indians are being given VIP protocol by Punjab government, they can move free across the country and no one can check them,” he said, questioning who would determine Sharif family’s employees were not spying for the enemies.

 “I leave question for agencies responsible for country’s security and for the entire nation that why Indians are being given such VIP treatment by ruling family in a situation when India is promoting terror in Balochistan and conspiring against Pakistan sovereignty. What is the relation of Prime Minister with India and why they (Sharifs) failed to find even technicians and IT experts from across Pakistan to work in their factories,” he said and called for the arrest of PM and Punjab CM them before the record about their “crime” burnt into ashes.

“Flight of capital from Pakistan to India was not more than Rs10 million a year till 2013 but it touched massive Rs470 billion soon after becoming of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister of the country. Rs490 were sent to India in 2015,” he said quoting World Bank report and questioned “the silence of Pakistan’s financial institutions over the massive capital flight to enemy country.”

He alleged India invested a lot to bring Sharif family into rule and now in return it (India) is getting fruit of its investment.

Qadri reiterated his demand of Rangers operation in Punjab claiming the province had turned into hub of terrorism.

“Sharifs sponsor terrorism from Punjab to whole country,” he alleged, calling Rangers to arrest some terrorists from Punjab who, according to Qadri, will tell the security agency every crime of Sharifs and PML-N ministers.