Rawalpindi swarmed by sacrificial animals, people fear spread of Congo virus

RAWALPINDI: Residential areas, markets and roads of Rawalpindi city are crowded with sacrificial animals while the municipal administration and police officials are least perturbed to take action and remove them to the market ground.

Salesman and owner of the small animals keep moving in streets of residential areas and in markets to sell their animals. That is causing problems for the motorists and the common people to carry out their daily business.

People visiting markets particularly women have complained that they do not get space in markets as sheep and goats are all around. They also feared that the presence of animals in residential areas could lead to spread of deadly Congo virus creating health problems for the residents. In addition the animals waste is seen all around creating bad smell.

The citizens including Dr Liaquat Khan, in interviews took strong exception to the failure of the officials of the municipal administration to force the movement of animals to market place particularly selected for the purpose.

They strongly criticized the Municipal and District Council members for their lack of interest to the wellbeing of the people and asked them to act forthwith.

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