KARACHI: Renowned TV actor/director filmmaker Shamoon Abbasi has launched short films series, especially for social media audience.

He said these films aren’t commercially attached to any TV channel, or media companies, or cinema distribution companies, but specifically made for social media.

He pionted out that it is based on a true event.

He said these short films are aimed at highlighting some of the issues that occur in society by making a series of short films exclusively for social media awareness.

The goal is to spread the public message through these films, he said and added that names and characters are fictional.

Shamoon Abbasi's such films will be dispelling negative impression about the country and its people by anti-Pakistan elements.

He said he decided to use this powerful medium of visual arts for spreading the message that Pakistan is a vibrant and peace loving country.

He said many short films have started appearing on his social page which can be reached at facebook by writing “ Independent Pakistani Filmmakers”.