MULTAN    -   Food department raided at grain market in Shujaabad and foiled the attempt for embezzlement of 200 bags of government flour and lodged cases against the accused.

Inspection of flour mills and wholesale points has been started by the district administration to stop the embezzlement and uninterrupted supply of government flour.

District Food Authority (DFC) Ahmad Javed said that the accused Ghulam Mustafa and others were il­legally packing government flour and legal action has been launched.

Meanwhile, DFC inspected different areas of the city and checked the whole­sale points of flour including flour mills. He issued warning to several shopkeep­ers for not compiling record while giv­ing an ultimatum to the flour mills to ensure the supply of flour to the mar­ket in the specified quantity, otherwise the quota will be canceled and the flour mills will be sealed. He further said that strict monitoring was being ensured at entrances points of the city to stop the smuggling of flour and wheat smug­gling worth lakhs of rupees has been foiled, under the directions of Secretary Food Punjab Nadir Chatta.