KHANPUR   -   The Khanpur Dam administration Friday once again opened spillways to release extra water for four hours as the dam reservoir had reached to its maximum level.

According to the details, during just six days this was the second time when the administration had decided to open the spillways of the dam as it was full to its maximum capacity.

After opening the spillways for four hours from 3:00 pm to 07:00 pm, 6,500 cusecs of water were released. Earlier, the dam administration also warned people living on both sides of the Khanpur stream and made announcements in the mosques to inform the entire area about the opening of the spillways.

The dam officials have also disclosed that the current wa­ter inflow in the reservoir was 670.50 cusec feet and normal outflow was 65.50 while the dam authorities also released 6500 cusec feet of water.

The water storage capaci­ty in the dam is 1982 feet, as after torrential rains all over the country particularly up­per parts of the Hazara di­vision, the lake has reached its maximum capacity. Mean­while, the Spokesperson Water and Power Development Au­thority (WAPDA) has said that Mangla Dam is safe and func­tioning effectively. During the routine monitoring of Mang­la Reservoir periphery, some cracks have been observed in Mirpur-Kotli Road near main gate of New Mirpur City, said a statement issued on Friday.

Initially, this was a single lane road, which was later on con­verted into a dual carriage way by Highway Department, Gov­ernment of Azad Jummu and Kashmir (AJK).

Mirpur-Kotli dual carriage way passed through the periph­ery of Mangla Reservoir and never has been a part of Mangla Dam, as is misunderstood.

As reported, Mirpur adminis­tration is looking into the mat­ter and taking measures in this regard. Breach in Mirpur-Kotli Highway; cracks continue en­larging: Officials Life-threat­ening cracks have developed in a big portion of Mirpur-Kot­li highway close to the periph­ery of Mangla dam’s reservoir, causing frightening of the local population of the area includ­ing travelers of any major un­toward incident if the erosion continue enlarging.

Mirpur Deputy Commission­er Ch. Amjad Iqbal has direct­ed the diversion of heavy traffic moving to and from Mirpur for Kotli and others major towns through the alternative Band Road root passing along the Mangla-dam reservoir.

The District administration has also advised all the con­cerned stake-holder depart­ments including AJK highways, police, MUST geographical de­partment and other agencies to remain alert and vigilant to deal with any eventuality in case of continuation of the breach. The State Highway Department, has, meanwhile, been advised to starting repairing the highway discouraging the enlargement of the breach and erosion at the busiest highway.

After visiting the affect­ed portion of the Mirpur Kot­li Highway at the site of Dhairi Choudhriyan township, along with the senior officials of the administration and the con­cerned departments, Mirpur Deputy Commissioner Ch. Am­jad Iqbal told APP here on Fri­day that the breach followed by harmful cracks were found de­veloped in the high way at Dhai­ri Chaudhriyan site on Mirpur Kotli Road, about 6 km from Mirpur city.

The highway was immediate­ly closed for heavy traffic. How­ever, the light traffic has been allowed to continue with ex­tremely low speed at the affect­ed site, the DC said adding that the Mirpur Highway Depart­ment has been directed to start repairing the affected portion of the road with the construc­tion of instant speed breakers at both sides of the affected por­tion of the highway, he added.

The DC was flanked by senior district administration officials including ADC [G] Yasir Riaz, AC Muneer Qureshi, Div. Direc­tor PID AJK Mirpur div. Jave­id Malik, Officials of police and the highway department during visit to view the collapsed site of the highway. “The matter seems very serious since the affected portion of the Mirpur Kotli high­way is close to left bank of the Mangla dam reservoir”, the Dep­uty Commissioner has informed the top AJK government author­ities in a letter, meanwhile, is­sued on Friday.

“In the past, a big portion of the Mirpur-Kotli highway, hard­ly half of a kilometer from cur­rent affected site, had washed away following the major ero­sion from the side of the Man­gla reservoir – which was got repaired by the concerned de­partment ”, the DC underlined in his letter.

Ch. Amjad Iqbal said that po­lice and rescue departments teams have been posted at the affected site of the highway to make the people alert and warn to stay away of the affect­ed site especially which passing through the damaged road.

The DC has sought immediate detailed geographical survey of the affected site of the highway to avert any major impending threat to the men and materi­al in case of continuation of the erosion.