ISLAMABAD   -   Expressing dissatisfaction over the international community’s re­sponse to the national disasters, Minister for Water Resources Khur­sheed Shah has said the Special Cli­mate Change Fund (SCCF) should immediately disburse over $10 billion for rehabil­itation in flood-affected areas of the country.

“The international community has to jointly deal with the climate change in the world, as this hor­rifying reality could only be dealt with by unan­imous effort,” said Minister for Water Resources Khursheed Shah, in an interview with The Nation yesterday. About the UN’s specific fund for the Cli­mate Change Fund, Minister, the Minister was of the view that the UN’s specific fund for Climate Change related is around 600 billion dollars.

“As per my knowledge UN’s Specific fund for Cli­mate Change is $600 billion dollars...Our country is in dire need of funds for rehabilitation in flood affected areas of the country,” he said. The international com­munity should understand the miseries and woes of the flood-affected, as climate change is fast becom­ing a big challenge for the world. “Pakistan is a third world country, with a large number of people surviv­ing with the income of 100 dollars per month,” said the minister, mentioning that the developed coun­tries including US, UK, China and others need to draw proper attention over this calamity in our country.

“Due to ravishing floods, a large number of peo­ple in the country are shelterless. The relief and re­habilitation work can properly run with the proper attention of the international community,” he said. Shah said that the unprecedented rains have creat­ed national disaster in the country. “Disaster effects can also be minimized with the planning but lack of proper planning on the part of rulers equally pushes the country to this stage,” he said, mentioning that this was high time to learn from mistakes and seri­ously think and plan for climate challenges.