Ending Power Theft

The recent initiative to weave out electricity theft in Pakistan is a sign of the authorities’ unwavering commitment to address this pressing issue. The comprehensive approach taken by Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) demonstrates the seriousness with which they are tackling power pilferage. As part of this multi-pronged strategy, over 200 officers and heads of Lesco have been reshuffled to sever long-standing associations that may facilitate theft.
Reshuffling these officers is a crucial step towards curbing electricity theft effectively. By breaking the links between officers and their service areas, the authorities are determined to eliminate any potential facilitation of such illegal activities. This reshuffling not only disrupts existing connections but also sends a strong message that irrespective of one’s position, accountability will prevail.
Accountability is a key aspect emphasised by the authorities to combat electricity theft. Those found guilty of facilitating such activities will face legal consequences through First Information Reports (FIRs). This firm stance against individuals suspected of involvement is vital, considering the preexisting suspicions surrounding some individuals in positions of power. The efforts to hold them accountable deserve commendation, and it is essential to ensure that strict directives are followed by officers in their new postings, eliminating any allowances for illegal activities.
While the initiative is praiseworthy, there is a concern regarding the exclusion of grade 20 officers and above from the reshuffling process. It is crucial that the same standards apply to these higher-ranking officials. Their positions grant them even more means and power, making it equally important to safeguard against any potential facilitation of electricity theft. In the interest of fairness and consistency, it is necessary to extend the reshuffling policy to include all officers, regardless of their grade. With these measures in place, Pakistan can make substantial progress in eradicating electricity theft and ensuring a fair and secure distribution of power for all citizens.

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