Himalayan Literacy Network receives award for contributions in field of literacy

LAHORE   -  UNESCO celebrated the Inter­national Literacy Day 2023 on September 8, worldwide to ac­knowledge the advancements in literacy and foster a more literate society. Accordingly, at global level, a Conference on ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies’ was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Par­is. The Global Conference also featured the Award Ceremony of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes. It was a proud moment for Pakistan as one of its NGO “The Himalayan Liter­acy Network (THLN)” received award for its outstanding con­tributions in the field of literacy since 2004.Further THLN is a welfare project of the Gojri Lan­guage and Culture Society – a community-based organization based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Here it is worth mentioning that THLN which is a accredited pre-school was established in 2004 as a pilot project and provides primary course of study to the children of Bakarwals–who are nomadic pastoralists from Southern Himalayas. The indig­enous community in focus (Ba­karwals) has an extremely low literacy rate and is threatened by the loss of traditional grazing access. The main objective of THLN is to educate Bakarwals who may one day grow as lead­ers and contribute to a peaceful Pakistan and further support their community by securing their linguistic and cultural heritage. In order to accomplish their objectives THLN grooms’ community members to serve as live-in migratory teachers of tent schools operating in sum­mers and winter grazing camps located many hours from regular educational facilities. Class and tutoring services are planned around the student’s camp and livestock chores. Five- to six-year-olds are taught numeracy and readingwhile the classes 1 to 5 follow the syl­labi for all subjects mandated by the provincial education de­partment.

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