Nishtar II to reduce burden on other hospitals in South Punjab: Commissioner

Directs to increase workforce to ensure hospital’s timely completion

MULTAN  -  Commissioner Multan Division Muhammad Aamir Khattak em­phasized the need to accelerate the pace of work on Nishtar 2, urging an increase in the work­force to ensure the hospital’s timely completion.

Commissioner Engineer Aamir Khattak paid a visit to the construction site of Nishtar 2 Hospital today. During his visit, he received a comprehensive briefing on the progress of the project. He expressed satisfac­tion that the Punjab government was consistently providing the necessary funds for Nishtar 2, highlighting its commitment to the healthcare infrastructure in South Punjab. Aamir Khattak underlined the significance of Nishtar 2, stating that it would offer state-of-the-art treatment facilities to the people of South Punjab and alleviate the burden on existing healthcare facilities. This ambitious project, costing billions of rupees, includes vari­ous health and infrastructure initiatives that were vital for the region’s development. To meet the project’s tight sched­ule, Commissioner Aamir Khat­tak suggested implementing day and night shifts for construction. 

The completion of Nishtar 2 is expected to reduce the strain on hospitals in Multan, benefiting the local population. In related updates, the activation of Emer­gency, Radiology, and Pathology services is set to be completed by the end of this month, ac­cording to the Chief Engineer concerned. Additionally, the installation of Heating, Ventila­tion, and Air Conditioning has commenced, as reported by the official Qasim Afzal.

Work is proceeding urgently to meet the Punjab govern­ment’s strict deadline for the hospital project, he added.

On this occasion, officers from different departments con­cerned were also present.


In a vibrant and inspiring ceremony, La Salle Higher Sec­ondary School took a signifi­cant step towards nurturing the talents of its students through co-curricular activities, here on Saturday. Deputy Commissioner Umar Jahangir, the chief guest, inaugurated the “La Salle High­er Secondary School Peaceful Pakistan” event with a burst of colourful balloons, illuminating the sky and filling the venue with resounding applause from the audience. The ceremony show­cased the commitment of La Salle Higher Secondary School to holistic education. Students demonstrated their skills in Taekwondo and Physical Train­ing, impressing the attendees. Deputy Commissioner Umar Ja­hangir commended the tireless efforts of the school adminis­tration, dedicated teachers, and supportive parents in fostering a well-rounded education.

Mr. Umar Jahangir empha­sized the importance of physical fitness, stating, “A healthy body is the guarantor of a healthy mind. Education goes beyond textbooks, and co-curricular activities are an integral part of it.” He praised Lasalle Higher Secondary School for its role in contributing to the nation’s de­velopment through its integrat­ed education system. Brother Qamar Iqbal, a key figure and Principal of La Salle School, ex­pressed his love for Pakistan, emphasizing that patriotism was an integral part of life. He highlighted the global impact of the LaSalle educational system, which has been serving commu­nities worldwide for decades.

Lasalle Higher Secondary School continues to be a beacon of excellence, nurturing not only ac­ademic brilliance but also charac­ter development, physical fitness, and a strong sense of patriotism among its students. To recog­nize and encourage outstand­ing student achievements in co-curricular activities, prizes were distributed during the event. Vice Principal Samuel Sardar, dedicat­ed teachers, proud parents, and a multitude of enthusiastic stu­dents graced the occasion.

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