Progressive Group for effective track & trace system in sugar sector

LAHORE - Welcoming the steps being taken by the government to discourage the smuggling of sugar, the Progressive Group in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has asked the government to re-introduce “track and trace” system in the sugar mills to permanently resolve the issue of black-marketing and unjustifiable profiteering. In a statement issued here, Progressive Group’s Central Leader and LCCI Executive Committee Member Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer said that if this system is still operating in the mills, then there is a need to make it more effective and accurate to ascertain the production of the sweetener in the country and its sale to genuine industrial and domestic consumers at affordable rates. Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer said this method could help arrest the sudden upward surge in the sugar prices, formation of cartels and pushing the rates beyond the purchasing power of the common man. Likewise, it could also help the confectionary, beverages, bakeries and other industries to access cheaper sugar to keep their products’ prices within the reach of the common users. He said no doubt it was a business and the sugar industry should earn justifiable profits but the race of earning more should not make life miserable for the household consumers and the industrial sectors. “A track and trace system will also promote transparency in the sugar supply chain. It allows stakeholders, including producers, distributors, and consumers, to access information about the product’s journey from farm to table. This transparency can build trust and confidence among consumers, especially those concerned about product origins and ethical sourcing,” Ejaz added. He said at the same time implementing a track and trace system in the sugar industry can lead to improved quality control, food safety, supply chain transparency, compliance with regulations, and various other benefits that can positively impact the industry’s reputation and profitability.

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