Raza Rabbani warns judiciary must ‘deliberately desist’ from its alleged tendencies

ISLAMABAD  -   Former chairman Sen­ate and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Raza Rabbani Saturday warned that the judiciary must “de­liberately desist” from the alleged tendencies of rolling back the 18th Constitutional Amendment through its judgments. It has been noted that in various judgments of the Supreme Court and the high courts, there is a tendency of interpreting the various Entries of the Fed­eral Legislative Lists, Part-I and II, and the Residuary List, which is with the prov­inces, in favour of centralisa­tion, he said in a statement. “This amounts to rolling back the 18th Amendment, particularly, with reference to provincial autonomy, through judicial judgments,” he added. Senator Rabbani said that the courts must consciously desist from such tendencies as Pakistan con­stitutionally, was a participa­tory federalism. The rollback of provincial autonomy, be it through executive fiats or judicial pronouncements, will sharpen the internal fault lines and will have se­rious consequences for the Federation, he underlined. He went on to say that all institutions, functioning through or under the Consti­tution, must remain within the constitutionally defined mandate. He demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), should an­nounce the date of elections and the schedule, as such elections were mandated to be held within 90 days un­der Article 224 of the Consti­tution. If the process of de­limitation of constituencies is an issue, then the same must be expedited to ensure that the constitutional man­date for holding elections is not violated, he said.

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